Many A True Nerd Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen… | Many A True Nerd

And welcome to manyatruenerd’s new homepage. Or, to be precise, our old homepage with a lovely new coat of paint, some additional bridge ballast, and plenty of Gs.

More importantly, there are occasions when I have thoughts. Specifically, ones which neither fit into 140 characters, nor deserve to have their own dedicated video. Sometimes I might want to discuss a game I’ve played in a bit more detail. Maybe I want to give my view on a YouTube issue, or a controversy, or some other bit of internet chicanery I haven’t dreamt up yet. And rather than spamming the Twitter feeds of those unlucky enough to follow me with 20 tweets in a row, it would be rather useful to have a site where I can write that sort of thing down. As a result, on occasion, there may well be something you might generously describe as an ‘article’ or a ‘review’ here.

It’s also just nice to be actually doing something with the site, as anybody who visited it months or years ago may recall it used to be a very different sort of thing, but if you’re interested in the history, maybe have a look at the About page.

Other than that, it’s a good place to highlight those one-off videos you might well have missed which I’m particularly proud of, discuss how you can support Many A True Nerd if that’s something you’d like to do, or just generally give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling from visiting my website.

But in the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been Jon, this has been Many A True Nerd, and this has been our new homepage. Thank you very much, and goodbye.